B37S Percussion Massager Review – We all know that there are many different massagers available. However, finding the right one and one that gives you value for money takes a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

We will review the B37S Percussion massager, also known as the Ekrin B37S. Giving you all the information you need to know to decide if this is the best massager for you, or if you might want to consider something else. This is a complete guide and review about this massager. 

B37S Percussion massager description

The Ekrin B37S is an upgrade to the normal Ekrin B37. The Ekrin B37S is more than just another massager. This is a massage gun that targets the problem area with ease. One important thing you need to know about this massager is that this is for sports professionals serious about muscle recovery and muscle toning. 

The B37s is a battery-powered massager. Making it great to take with you when you are traveling. In general, the massager is small and lightweight. It weighs a total of 2,2 pounds. Great for tight and sore muscles that can make exercising difficult. The massager comes with 6 attachments.

These attachments are now improved and higher in quality. The Ekrin is easy to use, and the attachments are easy to attach and remove. The handle is designed to hold it easily by yourself to massage your sore muscles. 

B37S Percussion Massager Review

Specs of the Percussion Massager (B37S Percussion Massager Review)

It is important to know the specs of the percussion massager. Especially regarding the B37S, which is an upgrade to the previous B37. This is all the information you need about the percussion massager’s specifications. The specs will give you a better idea if you want to consider buying this. 

A better, faster and stronger model

If you wonder what makes the B37S different from the previous B37, you need to continue reading. They have truly upgraded the latest version from the previous one. It is stronger, more durable and easier to handle. They have changed the design, speed and power of the massager. The company listened to its customers, looking for something stronger but affordable. 

The design of the percussion B37S

The design of the B37S isn’t much different from the previous version. It has a softer touch exterior finish and has some changes to the top part of the body. This is to make room for the new reactive force sensor. The color is also a bit different. It is now a Midnight blue color. 

The massager weighs 2,2 pounds. It is a heavy-duty design but still light enough for people to handle it by themselves.

It comes with a reactive force sensor

One of the new features you will see with the Ekrin B37S is the reactive force sensor with which the massager is built. This sensor gives you an indication of how much pressure you are applying when you are using it. Making sure that you don’t put too much force on the machine for the speed you selected. Not only is this assisting with massaging your muscles correctly, but it will also prevent you from damaging the device. 

New attachments that are improved as well

Something you need to know about the massager is the attachments included with the Ekrin. These attachments are improved with higher quality material, and some new attachments are added. In fact, there are now two more attachments that you can use. The attachments are now made from silicone. It is a softer material that won’t cause damage to your skin. The attachments that you will receive the following:

  • Round ball
  • Silicone round ball
  • Bullet
  • Flat
  • Fork
  • Silicone cone 

Speed and battery

It is important to know that the battery has a life of up to 8 hours before you need to recharge it again. The stall force is 55 lbs. and has 5 different speeds. 

The speeds are great to ensure you get the right force to treat your muscles correctly, from stiff muscles to injured ones that need a gentler massage. It is important to test the speeds so that you can know which speed is better for your stiff muscles and which will treat your injured muscle better. 

B37S Percussion Massager Reviews

Features of the Ekrin B37S in short (B37S Percussion Massager Review)

Not only do you need to know as much as possible about the Ekrin B37S specifications, but you also need to know the features of the massager. To ensure that you understand what makes the Ekrin different from the other massagers and why this is a great machine to consider. 

  • This massager comes with 5 speeds that range from 1400RPM to 3200RPM. By adjusting the speed, you can adjust the amount of power you want from the massager. 
  • A great feature is the energized and activated body feature. This is where you enjoy the 30 seconds of treatment. To maximize your training and performance. This is a great feature for starting your routine and having some injured muscles to take care of. 
  • The machine comes with quiet glide noise reduction technology. Even if it has some powerful vibration and percussion, it comes without the loud noise that other massagers have. 
  • The design makes it easier to get to 90% of your body, yourself. Meaning that you can do most of your muscle massage yourself. 
  • The B37S comes with a reactive force sensor. A sensor that tells you how hard you are pressing against your muscles and how much more pressure you can give for the speed you are using. 
  • The Ekrin massager now comes with a premium soft-touch material. This is to make it easier to grip the machine to reach as many parts of your body as possible. 
  • This is a battery-operated massager and needs one lithium-Ion battery. The battery is included.
  • The six different attachments make the machine versatile, and you can use it for many different treatments. 

What is included with the Ekrin Massager?

What is included with the Ekrin B37S massager? The first thing that is included in the travel case. The travel case is TSA approved for carry-on airline travel. It is designed to hold the massager and its attachments for easier travel. And, it protects the massager when you are traveling with it. 

You will also get a total of six attachments that you can use with the Ekrin. These attachments are improved from the previous B37 massager. The attachments are the following:

  • Round ball. This is an attachment that can be used for large muscle groups
  • The Silicone round ball. Perfect for more sensitive areas to ensure a lower impact
  • Bullet attachment. Targets pinpoint areas where precision is needed, like for spasm treatments.
  • Flat. This is the attachment that you can use everywhere and for everything. The flat is your best bet if you don’t know what attachment to use. 
  • Fork. This is the perfect attachment to use along the spine, neck, or Achilles tendon. 
  • Silicone cone. Another attachment is ideal for delicate areas around the spine or near other bone joint areas. 

You will also get the instruction manual to assist you in using the Ekrin correctly and how to take care of your massager so that it will last longer. 

B37S Percussion Massager

Benefits of the B37S Percussion Massager

These benefits of the Ekrin B37S percussion massager will give you a better idea of why this is something you can consider buying. There are many massagers in the market, but only a few are recommended. These are the main benefits of the latest Ekrin massager. The reasons why you should purchase this version. 

  • Portable in size. Meaning that the massager is small enough to take with you when you are traveling. It only weighs 2,2 pounds and comes with a carry case.
  • Easy to use on yourself. Some so many massagers are large and hard to handle yourself. This isn’t the case with this massager. It is designed so that you can use it on any part of your body, yourself. 
  • The battery life of this massager is a lot better and longer lasting than other battery-operated massagers. This battery gives you 8 hours of battery life. Making sure that you can use it for a couple of hours before you need to recharge the battery again.
  • The massager comes with 6 attachments. Turning the one massager into a massager with six other functions. The attachments are high in quality and are a lot more durable than other massagers’ attachments. 
  • The reactive force sensor is a feature you won’t get with other massagers. It is a great feature that will assist you in correctly using the right force. 
  • It comes with a comfortable grip. Make sure you can grip the massager better to deliver a much better massage to muscles at hard-to-reach places. 

Disadvantages that you need to know about the massager

Knowing the disadvantages and problems you can have with this massager is important. Many people are only looking for the benefits and pros of a device and aren’t interested in the cons. However, it is also important to know the negative things to make a much better decision. These are all important things to consider when you are considering buying the B37S.

  • The price. This is one of the more expensive percussion massagers on the market. Even if the massager has a large number of great features, it can still be too expensive for most people. 
  • It might not be as powerful as what you hoped for.  Many massagers have more RPM than this massager. However, this is still a great massager for personal use. 
  • The massager only comes with a 1 year warranty. Most people prefer a device that has at least 2 year’s warranty. Most electronic devices don’t last more than two years. With a one-year warranty, you might need to replace it before using it for 2 years. 
B37S Percussion Massager Review

Comparing it to other massagers

This is one of the more important pieces of information about this review. When you compare it against other massagers that have similar features, you will find that this is a massager that is above average. Delivering a high-quality massage with different attachments. The attachments are higher in quality than other attachments, and you get a complete set of 6 attachments. Other massagers come with between 3 and 5 attachments. 

There is also some essential information about comparing the price of the Ekrin B37s to other massagers. This massager is more expensive than most other percussion massagers. This massager is more costly, but it has some really important features that you will not get from other massagers. In short, this is a great massager if you are looking for a smaller one that can be taken with you while traveling. 

Conclusion on the B37S Percussion Massager

Is the Ekrin B37S really better than the previous version, the B37? Should you invest in this massager over the earlier version? We are looking at the features, specs and other essential information about this Ekrin. You will find that the massager now comes with a carry case with 6 attachments. Two more than with the previous massager. The battery life is better, and it has a higher-quality battery.

It also has some features you will not find in the previous version. Like for example, the reactive force sensor and the 5 different speed options. This is one of the smallest but most powerful massagers you can purchase now. If you need to buy a massager or are looking to replace your old version, you can for sure consider this massager. 

The Ekrin B37S is one of the best percussion massagers on the market and will not disappoint. It might be more expensive, but it is worth buying. 

Where can I Buy B37S Percussion Massager Today?

B37S Percussion Massager

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