How Do Smart Door Locks Work Review – As time goes on, innovations have been made to a ton of incredible smart gadgets out there, and afterward there are gadgets that will make you wonder how you managed to live without them.

One of them is the smart locks. With a smart lock, you can dump your keys and enjoy the safety and convenience of managing your lock any place you are.

Let’s look at how a smart lock functions and some of the advantages they give over a conventional door lock.

How Do Smart Door Locks Work? (How Do Smart Door Locks Work)

But first, what are smart locks?

Smart locks are keyless door locks that permit you to open your door without an physical key. They can be controlled remotely making use of a smartphone application. Many models features a numeric keypad on the lock for entering a unique access code.

A smart lock interfaces with your home’s WiFi network, which allows it to get the code or smartphone command to lock or open the door.

While a few smart locks require you to totally supplant your whole lock system, others fit directly over your current lock framework or just require a couple of adjustments.

At the point when smart locks are installed into a total savvy home, they can likewise integrate with other gadgets, for instance, your smart speaker or your security system. Nonetheless, they should be associated with a smart home hub that empowers every one of the gadgets to cooperate.

How Do Smart Door Locks Work

Common Features of a Smart Lock (How Do Smart Door Locks Work)

No two smart locks are actually indistinguishable, yet many share common features. These features add to both the comfort and security related with having a smart lock.

  • Keyless entry: No compelling reason to stress over failing to remember your keys, losing your keys, or giving somebody access when they don’t have a key. Most smart locks are designed with a number keypad permitting you to open the door by just entering a code. This is particularly extraordinary in the event that you have children who return home from school before you do or family members staying for a little while. You can likewise change the key code whenever for added security.
  • Mobile access: Smart locks can connect with a mobile application, permitting you to lock and open your door from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection, just as monitoring how often family members or visitors are coming and going.
  • Mobile alerts: With a mobile application comes the feature to get mobile alerts. This can be extraordinary to know when the children return home or on the other hand in the event that somebody is in the house who shouldn’t be.
  • Custom user access codes: The majority of programmable locks allow you to create custom user access codes with the goal that every individual from the family has an alternate pin code.
  • Nighttime illumination: An illuminated keypad can make it simple to see in the dark so you’re not bumbling around attempting to press the right keys around night time.
  • Smart key: It used to be that if you needed to keep somebody from entering your home or you misplaced spare keys, you would have to supplant your door lock completely. With smart key, you can just reprogram the key codes in your current lock instead.
  • Bump guard: Smart locks may likewise be furnished with extra safety measures, for example, a bump guard, which prevents robbers from entering your home by bumping the lock.
How Do Smart Door Locks Work.

Smart locks as a feature of an integrated smart home

Like most savvy technology buys, finding the ideal smart lock for your home requires a little research. Assuming that you need the best experience, then, at that point, a smart lock from Vivint is the best approach.

Vivint offers a coordinated smart home system where a smart lock can connect and interact with other smart gadgets to improve once lifestyle and improve the security of your home.

Notwithstanding the smart lock benefits listed above, a smart lock integrated into a Vivint system makes life simpler in various ways:

  • Know who’s coming or going: You can make up to 30 unique access codes for each and every individual who needs to get into your home, from the sitter to dogsitter to your own children. Your system keeps a log of which code was used and when, so you know precisely who is going back and forth. You can likewise get notifications on your smartphone when a code is utilized.
  • Make visitor codes for guests: Planning for away guests can be upsetting enough without having to run and get a duplicate of your key made or coordinate your plans for your home when they arrive. Simply make a temporary access code for your visitors so they can come and go however they see fit. Then, at that point, when they leave, you can erase the code.
  • Create custom rules: You can likewise create custom rules for your smart lock, like locking door automatically after a specific measure of time, or arming your security system and switching off your lights when you lock your front door.
  • Lock your door with your voice: Need to ensure your door is locked, however your cell phone is charging in another room? Don’t worry about it, when your smart lock is integrated with a system that includes a Google Home or Amazon Echo. Say, ”Hello Google, lock the front door.” And that’s all.
  • Guard your packages: Assuming you do online shopping, you know the danger of packages being stolen off your porch is genuine. With a Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, you can see when your delivery driver arrives, then, at that point, open the smart lock on your front door and utilize the camera’s two-way talk feature to request that the person in question put your package inside-all from your smartphone.
How Do Smart Door Locks Work

Frequently Asked Questions on Smart Lock

Do smart door locks work with any door?

Smart lock innovation should work with any door that likewise works with a standard deadbolt lock. You truly do have to ensure that the door is aligned neatly with the frame so the bolt goes smoothly into the strike plate hole when the door is shut and doesn’t need any special finessing.

How are batteries replaced?

On the interior part of the door lock, you just remove the cover, and afterward remove the batteries or battery pack to supplant batteries. You might have to start a connection process with your controller thereafter per the guidance manual that accompanies your particular gadget.

Would you be able to in any case use a key regardless of whether you have a smart door lock?

Most smart locks likewise have an opening for a standard key. This can be useful as an optional method for entering if the batteries in your device drains totally before substitution.

How Do Smart Door Locks Work


From what we’ve read so far, you can agree with me that smart locks are phenomenal technology that every home owner should have, and one thing is for sure, if you do install a smart lock in your home, you will greatly improve your standard of living.


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